Home Improvement…Part 8

In addition to the landscaping we also did some work to the interior of our house last summer. In late August we decided to renovate one of our four bedrooms and make it into a playroom to accommodate our son’s growing collection of toys.

Prepping the bedroom.

Prepping the bedroom for paint and new flooring.

We started by emptying the room and pulling all the trim. Couple of things you can see in this shot. The bee-yoot-i-ful light fixture and the freaking popcorn texture on the ceiling. Man, I hate that ugly texture! Note the fan in the window, even though it was hot and humid, we used the fan to try and keep the airflow going out the window to minimize the dust and odor to the rest of the house.





Popcorn ceiling texture.

Before: popcorn texture on the ceiling.

No more popcorn texture!

After: no more popcorn texture!

First came the fun task of scraping the popcorn texture off the ceiling.  Scraping and cleanup just took a couple of hours with a 6 inch putty knife and a shop vac. However the results were well worth it.









Painting the ceiling.

Non-union labor hard at work!



Using some local non-union labor we got the walls painted a nice medium blue before painting the ceiling.





Laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring installed.


A few days later and several hours of work and we’ve got a nice floor. Gotta love laminate flooring! Relatively inexpensive and reasonably easy to install. Looks great doesn’t it.




Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the finished product! Needless to say, after I got the trim installed we moved the toys in and it’s now an awesome playroom! This is how we ended the month of May 2010.

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Just a quick update on the yard (mis)adventure.

Here’s a quick update on how the backyard fiasco went last summer.

Mess in the backyard.

Mess in the backyard.

They broke up our concrete patio, scraped all the grass off the backyard and cut a waterway in the backyard (at the very bottom of the photo).  That waterway has proven a very smart decision with all the rain we got last summer and have been getting this spring and early summer. This photo was taken in late May. This project lasted way longer than I expected because we had a very wet summer last year.

Muddy Mess.

Muddy mess.

This is a few days later. They had picked up all the old sod in between rainstorms. You can see where they’ve broken up part of the patio. The backyard looked very similar to this almost all summer because of the constant rain.



Water way.

Water way.

This is the water way we had cut. Apparently there used to be a creek back here but it was filled in at some point. We had so much rain last summer the water ran almost constantly.




Spreading topsoil.

Spreading topsoil.

So here they’ve started bringing topsoil in. And it’s early August. Yup! Pretty much 8 weeks of very little progress!!! Talk about frustrating!





Finally, some grass.

Ok, so here’s the yard in late October! We finally got grass seed down just as it started to get cold. You can kind of see how they leveled the yard.  Looking back on it, it wasn’t worth it. We needed to get the sinkhole fixed but if I could do it again, I wouldn’t have done such extensive work. Filled the hole, cut a water way and call it good.

I’ll try to get a recent shot of the backyard. The grass is still pretty scraggly but it’s slowly filling in.


Stay tuned for updates on our other adventures! Got lots in the pipeline!

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Geez, it’s been a year since I posted!

Ok, I’m officially a slacker. It’s been a year since I’ve updated my blog. That’s got to stop! Just a brief update (more details to come later) we’ve been remodeling and renovating like crazy. Got a lot done but have a lot left to do! I’ve also taken a new job which is part of why we’ve accelerated our renovations.

Stay tuned for more updates! I promise it won’t be a year!

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Updated Theme

I thought I’d try out a new theme for my blog. I just upgraded to WordPress 3.0 and this theme was part of the upgrade. I like the way it looks. Now I just need to customize the header photo to one of my photos!

I’ll do that as soon as I get my pictures loaded again. My laptop’s hard drive died from heatstroke the other day. It always ran hot but apparently it got too hot and gave up the ghost. So I was forced to put in another drive, format and install windows…again. I lost a bunch of photos. Mostly of our remodeling. Oh well, could have been worse I guess.

At least it was something I could replace!

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Happy Birthday to me!

Well if someone would have asked me 20 some years ago if I would make it to 46 I would have said “no way”! Here it is, 2010, and I just celebrated my 46th birthday! My tastes and preferences have certainly changed! Rather than going out and partying, or even drinking at home I enjoyed something even better. A picnic at lunch then a quiet dinner with my wife and son!

46th Birthday!

They even made me a cake! My wife enjoys making and decorating cakes as a hobby and I thought she did another great job! Chocolate cake, filled with caramel and decorated with some things that my son picked out. An airplane and a Ridgeline pickup! They even tried to “trick” me and put candles that were supposed to spark and relight after being blown out. Unfortunately they didn’t work. But I still thought it was funny!

Flying the RC airplane.

They also got me a radio controlled airplane. So Gus and I went across the street to try it out. It’s a small, electric one. Nothing fancy but lots of fun for Gus and I!

It was a great day! I love my family!!

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